Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lindsi (almost named Syndey) Bristow

Cutest bike with a banana seat. How did she find such a gem at D.I.?
Luckily she is little enough to ride a kids bike.

Lindsi and her old roommate Sam (she's from Georgia and sure is sweet) on Halloween.

Lindsi and my left half (better half?) at Eisley a few years ago.

I don’t know if I’ve been able to be myself more than with Lindsi Bristow. She used to go to school here and even though she may not have thought so, she is probably the coolest person I’ve known while at BYUI. She let me be my crazy, analytical, obsessive self and is the only person I’ve ever felt completely comfortable crying in front of. Being the true BFF she is, in my craziness she once pretended to purchase a certain home item from a certain home store in order to talk to a boy I had a crush on. TMI? I bet you didn’t know I was that much of a creep. Luckily this was 3 years + ago, so it no longer embarrasses me.

Her favorite bands are NFG and Journey, she dreams big like I do, loves Rocky more than any girl (and most boys. Maybe she has a life-sized cardboard cut out.) I know, is a scrapbook fanatic, will sing early Brand New with you, and loves the BSC. "It's Scientific." She is so boss. Lindsi Bristow, I miss you.

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