Monday, June 29, 2009

These are worth

...and not worth the second post; the best and worst thing that have ever happened to me;

my savior and my demise; my new best friend and oldest enemy; my one true love and unrequited lover.

And I thought people were complicated:

UPDATE: In case you still aren't convinced...I purchased these cookies around 8pm this evening and they were all gone by 11pm. Everyone is in a complete frenzy over these cookies. We just headed to Broulim's where two more purchases of said cookies were made - even one by the Ford Wanwaring Erickson. So as the great LeVar Burton would say, "you don't have to take my word for it". Seriously. Go buy some. But beware.


Myke said...

Double Stuff even... I can see you getting into real trouble with these.

Canadian Oreos are the worst. My mission president would send away for American Oreos and he'd share them with us at interviews or he'd buy us a whole package if we got to a certain point with our training. Such a cool dude.

monica said...

oh see that would make an amazing oreo shake. i already add peanut butter to my oreo shakes, but now i can just buy those oreos.

toridickson said...

SO good! but i still really love my famous amos.