Monday, June 29, 2009


Is it that obvious? Kari and I rode our bikes to Walmart for the second night in a row on Saturday evening. She got hit on twice. Well, really Amy’s bike got hit on (not to say Kari’s not totally gorgeous because she obviously is). The first time was on the corner across the street from Arby’s. These boys told Kari they really liked her bike (Amy’s) and that we should all hang out sometime. They were gross (aka bros). Being the sass that I can be when talking to such boys, I blew them a kiss as they drove off. Next was in the Walmart parking lot when we were getting back on our bikes to leave. The whole purpose of our trip was for Kari to get batteries for her camera. So, when we got outside she pulled it out to give it a try. A car with two boys in it pulled up next to us. Our conversation went as follows:

Bro 1: Do you want us to take your picture?
Kari: No thanks, I think we’ve got it.
Bro 2: Well, don’t you want one together?
Me: No, we’re ok.
Bro1: My buddy here is a professional photographer. He takes photos at parties.
Me: Oh cool, well all of our roommates are photographers so we can always ask them if we want to.
Bro 2: Are you guys riding a tandem bike or something?
Kari: Uh…no we have two bikes.
Bro 1: (To Kari) Your bike is really cool. I like your organic basket (it’s wicker). I only wear 100% natural cotton t-shirts.
Me: I hate the environment.

Then they drove off. On our ride home Kari and I tried to figure it out. These “bros” all thought they were sooo funny talking to “girls like us”. But how could they tell we were “girls like us” and not the typical Ridge/ BYU-I girls especially when it was so dark outside? I felt I was wearing one of my most normal outfits. One of my less exciting shorter dresses paired with long shorts. Kari was wearing cut off jean shorts and my Eisley tee. Pretty average summer attire, no? That’s when Kari came up with the idea that it must be the “combination” of the two of us together and being on bikes when little did they know we both own cars. So of course I replied in the only way I could. I burst into song…“combinations all around us.”


monica said... so funny.

"i hate the environment" hah.

shipley said...

3 comments actually
Bursting into song, that is so Dad! Dont be so mean to the boys they cant resist you (who could). Last but not least i was a Ridge girl once so what are you saying about me...