Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Forever NOT in blue jeans

Yesterday I wore jeans. I am always surprised by the reaction I get when I wear them. The last couple of times I have worn them, I have gotten questions like “Leah, why don’t you wear jeans more often?” or even something as simple as “Leah…are you wearing jeans?” For some reason I have a tough time imagining normal people get met with this much shock when they adorn them.

I was wearing a pair of Kari’s (since I don’t own too many myself) and because of the way I cuffed them Harper and Tori even went so far as to say I looked like I was a girl straight out of the 60s. Why don’t I wear jeans on a normal basis in a normal way (I have no problem wearing skinnies under a dress (but don’t worry I try to make sure it’s in a non-disney channel sort of way as possible))? The truth is, they scare me. Shopping for them is a nightmare and even more chilling is actually walking out the door in them. When I told Harper I don’t feel comfortable in them after the whole 60s comment she said “why because they actually show that you have curves?” Maybe this is the reason. I just can’t seem to come to terms with the idea that I have hips. I don’t know why. It’s not like I haven’t had them for a while or like they will be going away anytime soon.

I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try my best to work on wearing them more often. Who knows…maybe someday I will wear them often enough that you might actually be surprised to find me in a dress.


toridickson said...

i don't know if you caught me saying this but jeans compliment your curves very nicely. i hope you are successful in wearing them more often.

Harpski said...

denim jeans on your body!
Wear them jeans girl!

Amy Doll said...

Thank you for helping me keep calm.

I am an advocate for you wearing jeans.

Thome said...

you have hips? i guess that explains why you walk fluidly and with out an akward frankenstienish step.

Vickie said...

You look HOT in jeans.
but I do like your dresses a lot so you don't have to stop wearing your dresses!