Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May I admire you again today?

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Thanks Ryan for sharing.

It almost compares to the 80s style birthday surprise my friends gave me last week. Kari and I heard a little knock on our window (which is quite large by the way) and we pulled up the blinds to find 15 or so of our friends standing below holding a cake alight with bright pink candles, and singing happy birthday. Harper said she was going for an 80s style surprise. She knows me too well. 80s movies (Girls Just Want to Have Fun was watched at least once a week in my home growing up- Lindsi, you know exactly what I am talking about!) are by far my favorite. I have the keenest friends.

P.S. Dear Zooey,
Stop being so adorable. You are making the rest of us look pretty pathetic.

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toridickson said...

end of pretty in pink: i always wish she had gone for ducky. maybe it's because of that scene where he dances around the record store or how adorably in love he was with her or his impeccable taste in 80's new wave fashion.