Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Benjamin Franklin

Year 20 was an eventful one. It started off in the humblest of ways. I always thought of 20 as more of a filler year. Boy was I wrong as it turned out to be quite lively. I took on many different faces in my 20th year of life. I was:

Mary Poppins

Tori Lynn Dickson

Harper Casimiro
Marie Antoinette

Maddy Lucas

Florence Owens Thompson (disclaimer: Harper asked me 15 minutes before I left for class (mind you I still had 10 minutes worth of getting ready to do) if she could quickly photograph me for a project. This is not me posing. I guess it was either really sunny or I was really grumpy.)
Let's just pretend the "Hated" never happened.
Techincally it was a week or two before I turned
20 anyway.

Harper Casimiro
And then loved again.
Here’s to another year of just being me.


Harper said...

Maybe I am not glaring at you there, but maybe I was really pissed you were there.

Maybe I LOVE you now!

shipley said...

we love you too LeLu come on where is our tribute!!!