Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

This is what happens when you schedule no Friday classes for yourself:
You wake around 12pm and peek your head over the edge of your bed (Yes, you have bunk beds. Jealous?) to find your bff/ partner in crime/ girl Friday/ Kari Nicole typing away on her English paper. You head towards the living room to find company is already over but you don’t mind because some of your other roommates are still in pjs and are watching cartoons. You make your way into the kitchen where you pour yourself a bowl of cereal over which you begin to cut up fresh bananas and strawberries (your favorite) only to find a large wasp crawling up the window pane (you are deathly afraid because you’ve never been stung). The company that is over happens to be a boy so in order to save yourself and your roommates you challenge his manliness by asking him to take care of it. Not to let you girls down, he takes care of the pest quickly.

Bff finishes her paper and comes out so you decide to watch the redbox you’ve rented last night (New in Town. Yes it was as dumb as it looks). After that’s over you, bff, Amy, and Katherine decide it’s a good idea to bake cookies and watch another movie. Because you need butter, baking soda and eggs, you and bff head to the store in your pjs with no make up on or even bothering to brush your hair. When walking in you run into Kat and Vicks who have just baked banana bread and are renting a redbox. Apparently it is a movie/ treat day. 4 cookies, “don’t pull a mental dad,” catholic school uniforms, neon spandex, and a dance off later (the girls fell equally in love with Girls Just Want to Have Fun) it’s 6:15 and you haven’t even thought about getting ready for the day. Brady makes you feel better by telling you your hair looks nice – bed head and all.

With some friends you eat at a little dive in St. Anthony for Marion’s birthday where the service is terrible, partially due to the fact that once you arrive there is a freak rainstorm (A legit one. Good job for once Idaho.) causing the electricity to go out not once but three times. You ride back to Rexburg with Tom, Katherine and Amy. You discuss Marion's last blog post about "bratz" the whole way back.

You all head back to Marion’s for cake; which you decide to skip out early on for fear of getting even more sick (everyone felt pretty queasy after dinner) plus you and bff want to watch Drive Me Crazy because you have been quoting it all night (“Who are we making jealous?”). You arrive home to find your Asian roommate Harper with blonde hair and that Zach has brought over doughnuts for National Doughnut Day. You make the wrong choice and decide to eat one even though it doesn’t taste very good.

The other girls arrive home and you all start watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Tori's pick of course). No, this isn’t a joke. This is your fourth movie of the day. Everyone gets tired and decide to turn it off so you turn to your computer. Bff and all the other roommates head off to bed. Two hours later it’s almost 3am and you decide it’s really time for bed. You find bff is still awake after all, sitting in bed typing away. You can’t help but laugh to yourself thinking things are right back to where they started that morning.

I just love Fridays. Hopefully today will be more productive. I have at least two appointments scheduled- sewing with Kat and the possibility of a doubles match. I just hope it doesn’t rain. There is also a 90s party tonight in which Harper got us all invited. She says it’s a “bro party” so we’ll have to see how legit it is (are they going to play proper music and is everyone really going to dress up?). Kari and I are off to D.I. where I am hoping to find the perfect floral dress and she will be looking for a good pair of mock Dr.Martens. Wish us luck!


toridickson said...

we were the only legitimate 90's dressed people. we WERE the party.
also, waking up from my nap to that bee situation was funny. and great.

Thome said...

sounds like a good day

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I'm really digging the new pic with the label to your blog. I also enjoyed this post, felt like I was there.