Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful Faces and Loud Empty Places

I used to get this:
Then I started getting this:
Now this? My sister-in-law’s 8 year-old niece:
“You look like Taylor Swift.”
You are Taylor Swift.”
“No I’m not.”
“Yes you are.”
“Well then you’re her twin!”

I’m pretty sure my eyes are twice as large (little boy sitting next to me in the airport: “Dad why are her eyes so huge?” in reference to me) and she doesn’t have red hair. Must be the new bangs and the style I was sporting. Funny thing is Harper had told me earlier that day I looked a little like her...Odd, no? Well, I can’t say I mind the comparison if it means dating someone like this:

P.S. Are you considered a pathological liar if you lie to yourself to make yourself feel better or in hopes of making the lie come true (Don’t experts suggest we do this?)? Or even if you lie while really honest to goodness thinking it’s the truth but realize a few minutes (hours, days, what have you) later you've probably uttered the biggest lie you’ve ever told? The whole thing with pathologically lying is that you are doing it to benefit yourself regardless of other people’s feelings, right?

Also, does anyone else think it’s strange that if you look at the root words of “thesaurus” you essentially get “lizard god”?
One more thing of note. I had a dream the other night I was chatting it up in French with Karl Lagerfeld (head designer for Chanel). We were basically best friends. I wouldn’t mind too terribly if this happened in real life.


Thome said...

i had a really funny idea for a commercial about a thesaurus. it was about these football announcers that were using big words and the guy on the couch says "what is using a thesaurus up there?" and then it cuts to the booth and a huge dinosuar leans in and says "use this word"

Vickie said...

i dont think you look like taylor swift at all!! you are much much prettier than her. and joe jonas broke up with her via cell phone. she hates him but i love him!

monica said...

i started watching the Jonas show, to see what the hype was. at first was bugged by it. then i watched another episode and it turns out they are darling and hilarious. fan now.

nadia said...

oh my jonas. being taylor swift would be a dream come true. this love is difficult, but it's REALLLL. i mean what? i've never heard that line before in my life. who is taylor swift? love story? oh my gosh i have got to delete that ts/jo bro pandora station. (i will never delete it.. this is all to keep the peeps off my back)