Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Malia Sadowski Austen

Fort Kamehameha, Hawaii

Scofield Reservoir, Utah
Please note we were already starting to share clothes at this age
(I am wearing her same shirt in the previous photo). And yes, I am
gutting a fish in this picture. That's my dad in the straw hat.

She might hate me for posting this one, but I think she is SO adorable.

Chris and Malia Austen.
How's that for a last name? Talk about a dream come true.
Luckily I think he's pretty great too.

My lovely cousin who is 2 years my senior. Growing up we didn’t get to see each other very often (with my family living so far away the majority of the time), but whenever we did, there was no separating us. When I attended BYU in the fall of 2006 we were attached at the hip. This girl is a true beauty, ¼ Hawaiian, hairdresser extraordinaire (she’s the one to thank for my various styles and asymmetrical lengths over the past few years), real fashionista, has an phenomenal vernacular of made up words, is a soon to be supermom and a world class best friend. I love this girl.

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Amy Doll said...

I'm glad that her name is Malia and that she's really cool because my niece is going to be named Malia and I hope she'll be really cool, too.