Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tori Lynn Dickson

1. Tori = photography.
2. I love that she encourages my dancing because in case you didn’t know, I love to dance.
3. Her t-shirt and skirt combos are dreamy.
4. She isn’t scared of making alterations. I think altering clothing can be frustrating sometimes, but she just goes for it. And who is the sewing minor...?
5. I couldn’t make a list about Tori and not include her hair. It’s perfect in all its imperfectness.
6. She wears hats better than any girl I know. She also has the start of a to die for hat collection.
7. She prefers someone to say she looks "cool" rather than "cute". But Tori girl, what can we say? To us you aren’t one or the other. You’re both.
8. Her love of cats. I think she hated me sometimes for wanting to kick our little neighborhood cat out of our house.
9. She isn’t afraid of color. All the way down to her signature mismatched socks.
10. She is such a proud auntie. I know her little niece will rightfully adore her.

How out-of-sight is Tori?


monica said...

way out of sight! i love that you wrote about each of these girls.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Tori is terrific