Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kari Anne Nicole Patterson

1. When she doesn’t hear you instead of saying “what” or “sorry I didn’t catch that” she makes something up and adds a question mark to the end. Example:
Me: Ugh, I don’t want to get ready for bed.
Her: You don’t want to get in my bed?
2. She talks about her hair more than anyone I know. I would too if I had hair as lovely as hers. Wouldn’t you?
3. She talks in a really sassy voice without realizing it. Now that I know her better, I find this to be quite comical.
4. The first time we met she asked me to rat her hair. A few days later she 100% hated me for a day or two. Luckily she got over this.
5. She will harmonize to any and every song we are listening to and she is SO good at it!
6. She owns more sweatshirts than anyone I know. Which reminds me…she looks really great in long johns or leggings which she is sure to sport often.
7. She has a stronger sense of smell than anyone I’ve ever met.
8. She is nothing like me, but the longer and longer we are friends the more she becomes more like me and I like her. She often pretends like she doesn’t care, but don’t let her fool you, she has the sweetest heart.
9. Although her middle name is Nicole, she lets me call her Kari Anne.
10. She can step dance. No joke. Don’t worry about it, but one day I taught her some moves from my old dance routines and she taught me how to step. Yes, we are this cool.

How absolute is Kari Nicole?

This video is another reason why I miss her. It also proves why she and I will be successful in this life. I am sure of it.

Does 6:03 minutes seem like a really long video to watch of your friends when you are a. embarrassed for them and b. the video is terrible quality/ terrible? I agree. At minute 2, there is a little note giving you an early out. You can think of this as a choose your own adventure story.

First I want to thank Erica Nalder for the wonderful mix CD that is the soundtrack to this video and therefore made it possible.

Next, excuses, excuses, excuses:

1. Sorry for the terrible quality. It was taken with my phone. Plus I had to convert it to a wmv because the avi was taking too long to load. And I was driving.
2. Sorry the video is so shaky, but I was driving.
3. Sorry there is so much of my face. This is supposed to be about Kari, right? But I was driving...and resting my phone hand on the wheel was obviously easier than trying to guess where Kari’s face was and trying to aim it at her. (Likely excuse, right??)
4. Sorry, the sound is way off. I would blame this on my phone camera, but let’s blame it on me driving.
5. I also want it to be clear that this is everyday Leah and Kari. We’re not acting for the camera.
6. Sorry the window is dirty, but I am driving.
7. Sorry the note doesn't stay up quite long enough. Learn to speed read (or how to use a pause button) okay? Plus, just in case you forgot, I was driving.

I leave you now with a question:
Obviously one of my hands is holding my phone/ camera and the other one is dancing…so who was doing the actual driving?


cmonayyy said...

I'm not going to lie- this made me miss you both even more.


nadia said...

i love this picture of kari

monica said...

hah! love it!
i have experienced #1 thats for sure...well of the list about kari not the excuses. one of my best friends is named kerianne. fact.

man how alike we are.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

i remember the day i gave kari a seashell

p.s. FRODO!!!