Monday, August 31, 2009

Not my favorite.

14 hour drives are not my favorite. Lucky me, I get to do it twice in one week (there and back). I'm all for a good road trip, but after a certain amount of time in the car, let's face it I will experience:

cornflowerbluestudio via

Boredom. Here's to learning (practicing...I used to know how) embroidery on my drive to San Antonio on Wednesday. Kari, it's a good thing we bought all those loops at D.I. Except oh yeah, I left those in storage too. Maybe if I create something really worth while I will do a give away like legit blogs do. I will wait to see how everything turns out before making any promises. Now for a little inspiration:



whatparty? via

whatparty? via

I should like to create one of these for practicing in.

P.S. Does anyone watch this show? My sister and brother-in-law think it "tries too hard." Am I the only one who thinks it's funny?


Amy Doll said...

Yes please.

robin said...

hello there leah. i like your blog. yes i do. and i like (love) psych. josh and i HAVE to watch every episode and we HAVE to watch it together. you wouldn't be talking about scott and kiana now, would you? they're t.v. snobs.

p.s. how 'bout that don? we sure share a cute nephew. . .

Leah said...

Amy: Yes, Psych (the TV show. I'm not saying "Yes, Just kidding")! I love it.

Robin: Yes, unfortunately it is Scott and Kiana. I have to agree, they can be pretty snobby. But I guess for creating such an adorable and superb baby Donny, this can be forgiven.

Kiana always tells me the funny things Parker says. She’s hilarious! Your little family is simply beautiful. Just in case you don't read this message, I will comment on your blog as well!

kari said...

uh, duh, i love psych! and i love you leah morris!

Katie said...

I'm in love with psych :)

Vickie said...

Leah. I used to embroider as well but I've just bee so in love with knitting that i haven't done it in forever. Every fall I make something for myself. Fall of 07 I made scarves, lots of them and I tried to make socks but the first one was really bad that i gave up. Fall of 08 I went back to basics. Scarves and a blanket. This fall I wanted to try and make a sweater vest. I told Tom I would make it if he wore it and he said yes. So I come home penniless and ask my mom and if she could buy some yarn, she flat out said no! then i asked her to tell me where my knitting stuff is and she flat out said no! She said knitting is for old ladies and she doesn't want me to do it anymore. I can only imagine what she would do to me if she found out i wanted to embroider again :(...sorry for the long comment!

Amy Doll said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
I know I already commented on this blog post, but I am loooove the sunnies on the side. I haven't really really wanted an accessory or even article of clothing in a loooong time. But those are so fantastic.
I maybe need them.