Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Your hair looks just like starlight."

Yesterday was pure magic.

1. I slept in late and ate “breakfast” while hanging with this handsome fellow:
me and Donny boy practicing our pouty looks

We laughed and chatted while he tried his hardest to get a taste of anything I was eating (and not eating: the table, my hand, etc). Did I mention the early risers (everyone else in my family) saved me half of a Reese’s Dark? Yum. Thank you Kiana and Scott for having a very well behaved and adorable babe. Thank you family for encouraging my sugar habit.

2. I found a suit! When I went shopping last week I was so frustrated that I quite literally started to tear up in the dressing room. Really? I’m glad no one was around to witness me being such a baby (no offense Donny).

Bless you JC Penny (I never in my life thought I would be saying that.). Curse you hips that make it extremely difficult to find a decent looking skirt. Curse you peanut butter Oreos that are the cause of said hips. Thank you JC Penny for giving me renewed hope in life.

3. I discovered my hair is now long enough to wear in a high ponytail. I hadn’t realized how much I missed being able to pull all of my hair into a messy bun atop my head. Too bad my mission is a “no pony tail mission.” This might just be the toughest part of the wardrobe change yet. While I hated your ability to create roots within hours when I was platinum, I have realized the error of my ways. Thank you hair that grows insanely fast.

4. We had Mexican French toast for dinner (Don’t try and look up what this is. None of the recipes are equivalent). Coming home to this meal after my triumphant shopping experience was the icing on the cake. Thank you Jared and Kayla for cooking such a delicious dinner.

5. I finished the day off picking out books at the library for the car ride that’s happening today. Libraries are the love of my life. Yes, if I could I would probably marry one. Thank you Joan of Arc biographies.

Today: craft shopping, Ponyo (I grew up on Miyazaki films.) and then we begin our expedition at 3pm sharp. I cannot wait.

Life sure is grand.


nightmere said...

cute baby and by the way ponyo rules!!!!!

Quinn the Eskimo said...


Where are you going on your mission?


Leah said...


Salt Lake City (not North, South or Temple square).

Yours truly,

robin said...

love the don.
miss the don.
i'm jealous!

(oh, and i miss scott and kiana, too...)

Anonymous said...

really??? a no ponytail mission? i've never heard of such a thing.

p.s. i'm glad you found clothes! i need your mission address or email.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Dear Leah,

No way! I've heard they baptize like 7,000,000,000,000,000,000 people per year! Maybe not quite that much, but a lot. Congrats!


Autumn said...

not only do I love random embroidery crafts...but I love doing them while watching psych...I sound lame.

Needless to say...when do you leave on your mission again?What is your address so I can write you real letters on real stationary(oh how exciting).