Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winsome Wednesday II

1. Flats/ studio apartments. Especially in swell places like NYC. I like the challenge of making a small space look good (not that I try much at school. I end up moving every semester anyway). I like the idea of having to make every inch useful and beautiful at the same time. Look at this apartment.

2. Beards. Duh.

3. Via Amy via "I can read." I waste time here. Since when have I not liked things that are cheesy and lovey dovey?

4. Fortunes/ fortune cookies. I received one of my all time faves last summer.

5. Please look at this. Really. It’s the sweetest. I would probably make this for a girl friend before I would ever make it for a boy/ husband. Boys just don’t get stuff like this (Sorry for the blanket statement. Marion I know you hate such statements, but I’m sticking by it. Maybe if I was Kirsten Dunst and in love with Orlando Bloom then I would feel differently – that’s a little shout out to Katherine).


Katie said...

I dream of having a flat/studio apartment.

monica said...

i have been wanting to have a mustache party. i think that would be so much fun! beards are welcome too.

Harpski said...

park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me!