Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm only 20. I forget this a lot. Does foreshadowing occur in real life or just in works of fiction? I hope it does.


Myke said...

So vague Leah. Give us a little more to go on than that.

I would think that for romantic people like you it would happen in real life as well as in fiction. But I'm no expert.

toridickson said...

i'm pretty sure i've never had foreshadowing in my life. i am a firm believer that life will take you by surprise no matter how hard you try. that's how it's always happened for me.

Harpski said...

DUDE: I totally agree with Myke, and Tori: I have had foreshadowing in my life! It was more spiritual than anything.
I also agree with Myke when he said give us more to go off of than that.