Thursday, November 27, 2008

Easy as Pie

It's around 1am and I just finished making pies! I was assigned to make the pecan ones. If you don't know this already, I love blind taste tests (assuming no one is going to make me eat something gross of course). Once, my brother-in-law and I got 4 or 5 different types of apples at the grocery store to decide which apples were the best and to see if we could tell which ones were which. He won, but I was a pretty close second. Well, I decided to find out which pecan pie recipe is the best (seeing as it is my favorite type of pie) so I used 3 different ones - Martha Stewart (don't worry I didn't add any bourbon), Yankee Magazine (I did add a little imitation rum extract to this one just for fun), and a recipe by someone named Joanne (who swears your pie will only turn out if you use authentic Texas pecans). I did stray slightly from all the recipes by adding more pecans than called for on my mother's advice. Mmm such good smells today! Pies (I also made banana cream and ChanNa made pumpkin) and I do believe Arizona has the best rain smell in the entire world. I think it's because it gets so dry here and rains so infrequently. The whole earth rejoices when it does. In the middle of typing this I could hear the rain getting really loud outside so I had to run out and watch the lightening for a few minutes. I love thunderstorms!
So many little things to be grateful for this year.

Thanksgiving day schedule:
Breakfast with cousins from my dad’s side I’ve never met (this means getting up at 6:30! Eeek.)
Play with niece and nephews (who should actually be arriving shortly)
Pie race!
Thanksgiving dinner with ALLL of the cousins (on my mom’s side)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, you are my favorite!

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benkeamy said...

I love pie.

My cousin made a reallllly good chocolate pecan pie.
I bet yours were delish.