Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My favorite color is shiny is my new favorite blog. Although I don't know her, G. B. seems to be the most sincere and thoughtful person I've come across in a long time. Her mantra is "I love love!" Anyway, each post is a list of gratitudes. I could definitely work on being more gracious! Here are a few things that make me happy:
1. Mom took me to get my hair colored today and paid! It was expensive...I really really appreciated it! My stylist Jessica was a doll and took very good care of me. Mom sat there for the 2 hours or so it took to get it done (my hair is very deceiving! It wants you to believe there is not very much there, but I have A LOT. Just ask anyone who's ever styled/cut/colored it)...thanks again Mom. You're the best. A lady also gave Mom a pedicure for free just because! Mom also bought me the best smelling hair product EVER by a brand called milkshake (made in Italy= neato, makes my hair happy= I'm happy) This is no exaggeration. I love you Mom!
2. I spent the most wonderful weekend (Friday-Monday) with my family at the Bingham's cabin on Mt. Graham. It was a great escape from drab and hot Phoenix. Church was so nice again this year (it was much colder). One family let us borrow two blankets when they saw we didn't bring any. An older gentleman (who used to teach at Saford High where Mom and Dad attended hs) told me I was his "kind of girl" for wearing jean shorts under my dress! You couldn't see them except for when the wind blew my dress up. The first night I barely slept at all because I was up in the loft where there was tons of open space above my head. To my mind this meant lots of places for bugs to hide! Yes, I am deathly afraid of bugs (mainly spiders). The next night everyone shifted around just for me so I could sleep in one of the bedrooms downstairs. I'm grateful for confined spaces! It enabled me to ocdly check all the walls, under the blankets, all the floors, in my sleeping bag for bugs a few times before I went to sleep each night!
3. Cute cute cute Marimekko. I LOVE designer collaborations! Wish I could be here for this!
4. I think this is a really neat idea. I'm glad people are blessed with creative minds :)
5. Camping/ road trip stuff : hot cocoa, tomato soup+grilled cheese, red and black licorice, homemade trail mix, cheese-its, tribond, charades, diagnosis?, battle of the sexes, hearts, canadian fruit salad, oldies music, tunnel breath holding, not monopoly playing, abc game, don't spell a word game, braids, scrabble and Mom and Dad meeting at an Easter picnic and going steady when they were 12 and 14 stories and MORE.
6. School starts next week. I'm nervous. I've signed up for 21 credits. I'm living with people I've never met in a place I've never been inside just like every other semester. But, I'm kind of excited. I have a feeling (at least I'm hoping) this semester will not disappoint me!

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