Saturday, November 5, 2011


Much to my chagrin I woke to this and every other photo that's been posted on the book this morning.  

1. I'm growing up a little or something because I can no longer sleep longer than eight hours max (but I am really good at taking naps!).  No more sleeping in.  Sad.

2. I seem to enjoy (???) only half way finishing books boys give me until they're not really part of my life anymore and then decide I should probably still finish them...This isn't the first time this has happened.  Probably not the last.  Especially if I keep liking boys that enjoy reading which is extremely likely because that's the kind of thing that matters.

3. I am seriously so blessed.  But really, all sarcasm aside I've been more than a little ungrateful lately.  My life is rich and full of wonderful people and unforgettable moments.  I am designating this month one of gratitudes (super original, right?).  Life really is good.

1. Moving across campus to a more social side.  This decision has already been made (so don't try and change my mind!).  Living here with K.P. next semester.  All I really want is to stay tucked away in this little attic-esque bedroom until I graduate and move here or here.  However, I'm pretty sure that's not what someone else (aka Heavenly Father) has in mind.  
2. Dubbing today a snow day, this morning Tara and I watched Love Actually (don't worry family, it's edited).  Now all I want to do is watch Christmas and or snow related movies.  Too soon for Christmas movies you say?  Yeah right! So what'll it be y'all?  The Holiday, Snow Day, or It's a Wonderful Life?  
3. Hair (here) it is.  Decision number 3.  My hair!  I can't decide if I should change it or leave it?  You've been there for the red, the blonde and the ugly so I need your help.  Remember when a few pictures of blue hair popped up on my pinterest and you thought I was just admiring these shades from afar?  Well what if I really did want those colors?!  Not right now ("natural" colors are required for school), but how about right before Christmas break!  Just in time for holiday pics.  Am I too old?  What do you think?  Sherri Dupree Bemis of Eisley is kind of my hair idol.  She's 27 and has blue raspberry hair...granted she is a rock star.  Oh and obviously school would begin again and then I'd have to go back to a more natural shade.  I'm leaning towards platinum again. So how 'bout it kids?  Leafy brown locks through Thanksgiving, the perfect shade of Powerade for Christmas, and back to blonde just in time to ring in the new year?  


Christina said...

Leah, I am wanting blue hair soooo bad right now.

robin said...

YES to all your hair ideas! and that rocker chick's hair is amazing. i love the blue. DO IT!

Amy said...

You probably need blue hair.

Katie said...

Leah! I was so happy to see your comment! I hope you are doing just as wonderful as ever!

Go for the color! I was so in love with my rainbow hair!

CassParelli said...

Leah I love your hair in this above shot! Don't change it!!! It's gorgeous. Seriously! I'm sad you won't be at Thanksgiving. We'll be missing you!