Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That which we call a rose.

Peter Rabbit
Amy’s post about names got me thinking.
I know the facts surrounding this are most likely complete coincidence, but regardless I have come to believe in a sort of "name karma." For example, I have had rather unfortunate run-ins with at least four Johns. “Oh it’s simply because Jonathan is a common name” you say? I beg to differ. When someone tells me their name is John my palms get sweaty and my heart seems to beat a little faster. Luckily I am sensible enough to consciously remind myself not to judge a John based solely on their name. Besides it doesn’t take much for someone to redeem themselves in my eyes. At times it bothers me as I wish I could, but it just isn’t in my nature to hold a grudge.

Interestingly enough that Amy is the one that stirred this up in my mind; I have never met an Amy I haven’t liked (Amy Bryant – BFF 4th grade, Amy Rarig BFF high school, Amy (Erin’s hilarious friend)). As for the rest of you, I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone with your name that I haven’t liked either. It only seems to be Johns I have trouble with. Except maybe Karis, although in this case it’s the other way around. Karis don’t seem to like me much, so I am fortunate Kari Nicole doesn't seem to despise me.

I love names. What? No, I don’t have a 3 columned 1.5 page word document of names I like…Some people collect stamps or spoons. I collect names. I know I’m strange. Here are a “few” I adore at the moment:

Boys: Theodore, Reed, Harry (this was my grandfather’s name), Phineas (as in A Separate Peace), Cash, Pollock (mom’s maiden), Arthur (as in the aardvark? JP.), Harvey, Otto, Edmund, Maxwell, Ike and Fitz

Girls: Leona (great grandmother’s name), Francis, Brontë (as in Charlotte), Adele (as in Jane Eyre), Beatrix (as in Potter), Finch, Margaux, Edith (as in Wharton), Eleanor, Willa (as in Cather), Joan (as in d’Arc), Emerson (as in R.W.), Ingrid, Stella, Maude, Gretta, Luca, Florence and Blanche

Believe me when I say I tried my best to spare you. There are A LOT more…

P.S. Siblings of mine do keep having beautiful children and feel free to use any of these for my new lovely nieces and nephews (K+S I know you are keen on Theo), but please don’t steal ALL of them while I am gone for 18 months and plus 5 or 10 years until I have little ones of my own.
- XOXO Auntie Lulu


Vickie said...

I like all those names! You are cute. I feel like I should tell you my middle name because you might appreciate it as much as mother does. But I will not leave it in a comment. I will facebook message it to you. Later

Leah said...

Oh Vickie this makes me so happy! I promise I won't tell anyone. Ever. I'm really good at secret keeping.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I freaking love your blog. Can we be friends?

Lauren! said...

name karma. such a great concept.

robin said...

good names leah, good names. i love them all.

and oh my, do you love edith wharton like i do?

Leah said...

Robin, Yes! I do love her. Her life in and of itself I am in awe of. She lived a very exciting life (well if you find like speaking flawless French and being good friends with the likes of Henry James and Teddy Roosevelt exciting, which of course I do).