Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'd like to make one thing quite clear: I never explain anything.

When my friend Bobby told me a few years ago in quite the accusatory tone, that he believed me to be some sort of modern day Mary Poppins; I realized then and there that even if I tried I would never be a normal girl.

Not that the following make me “unnormal” by any means, but do you remember how I love:

Antique birdcages?
Now to compete with my name, vintage camera, and typewriter collections, I present to you my very first birdcage. And get this, it was FREE. Maybe Hammurabi's code was somehow involved…

I am hoping to some day have a collection as stellar as this one. Via (I think.).

Anything and everything bike related?

Vintage dresses?

Oh you know, just having a chat with father time. Clock found in the
"gomi" in Japan and the radio also found on the street, but in Germany.

I promise you, I’ve been a good little girl. This is the only dress I’ve purchased since getting home.

Pat Benatar?
This treasure of a cassette had been sitting in my brother’s house for almost 2 years along with six 8-tracks (who cares that I don’t have anything to play them on, right?), my favorite anthro cake plate and a bag of clothes I thought were lost forever. So glad to have my favorite “Michelle Kwan could have worn this while ice skating” LBD and “I basically won you at my high school graduation after party” B.R. ($100 gift card, thank you.) dress with pockets (dress + pockets = nothing can compare to your splendor).

Okay not 100% true. It always sounds good to me, but then whenever I go and see everything I usually start to feel pretty queasy. I ate one majorly raw roll yesterday. Oh boy was it scary. I think I’ll stick with only cooked ones from here on out.

This song? Love. Especially when mom and dad out of the blue start singing it as a duet.

P.S. Diane Birch’s soulful voice has really been growing on me lately.


robin said...

so...while you're on your mission i was thinking maybe i could borrow that vintage green dress...?

just think about it.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I envy the bird who makes his home in that cage

Taff said...

i love those bird cages.