Saturday, September 26, 2009

Au revoir

Remember how this is the photo I sent in with my mission papers (And yes it is embarrassing...Not only is this photo a 100% nerd alert (shout out to Ki and Scott), but my mom said this wasn't the main picture they kept on file and they would ask for a professional one later. Think again. Oops...)?

Remember how this is what I look like now? Blond and longish to brown and short. Um, I hope they recognize me. (If you’re wondering why the drastic change: #1 since they don’t want me to wear my hair up this will make not styling completely impossible, #2 y’all know it takes me a ridiculously long time to get ready so this should cut down on my getting ready time, #3 in 1.5 years I will have happy healthy 100% natural locks (although I got it colored again today))

Remember how I saw Fame on Friday and was sort of disappointed? And then I saw a sneak preview of Whip It tonight with Kiana, Scott and Donny and loved it plus I got this free t-shirt?

Well in case you didn’t remember, this all really happened. Another thing that’s really happening is that this blog is going to be dormant for a year and a half. Love you and miss you all. You can reach me here:
Sister Leah Morris
Utah Salt Lake City Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

Mission address:
Sister Leah Morris
Utah Salt Lake City Mission
3487 S 1300 E West Entrance
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

P.S. Arizona. I don’t know how it happened, but when I had my back turned for one second, I some how fell head over heals in love. Believe me, I was the last to think this would ever happen. Arizona you have grown on me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. Now that you’ve made your way into my heart, there is no denying it. I will miss you dearly. More than words can describe. On a side note, way to be home to some very architecturally interesting churches.


Harpski said...


DON"T GO. Okay, really, you should go, I want you to go, but ya know what I mean.

"I'll write you everyday!"


*tear* *mixed emotions*


votre aimie,

Amy Doll said...

I LOOOOOVE your hair!
And yooou!
I am so proud of you for serving a mission!

monica said...

well look at you!!
do you know i dream of short hair like that? you look tres chic!

i want to see whip it!

ZacharyPaul said...

your hair looks marvelous and so do you (because you are)
i will miss you

Myke said...

I'm glad you love Arizona. There's something about that state... a certain je ne sais quoi that grabs a hold of your heart and never lets go.

Bonne chance! A la prochaine.

Thome said...

wow! It looks really really good. HEy goodluck and I'll wait for you....

KAT said...

that means alot if tom tells you your short hair looks good, he hates short hair. The elders are going to love you, in a lock your heart sort of way.

Autumn said...

I love love your hair!!! I so very much wish my own wasn't so curly so that I could cut mine short!

I think you are going to be a great missionary and I am very much excited to write you!!


Autumn said...

Oh and I just watched Sabrina (the old and better version) and your hair reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's hair in that movie (except more modern but equally as fantastic)...LOVE!!

Vickie said...

I too love your hair! I can't wait to write to you! for real!!!