Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, so you think I blog too much?

Well you're right. I do. I simply have too many things in my head. I can't bear to leave them floating around in there!

Something that has been on my mind lately is how much I miss my former roommates and BFF extraordinaries Harpski, Ames, T. Dix, K.P. and Teen. Today I made a list of reasons why I miss each of them (and oh my are there a lot of reasons) and I've decided I would like to share. I am hoping that through these lists you can perhaps get a little glimpse of how brilliant they truly are (as if most of you don't already know!).

Since I could basically talk about how much I miss them all day, I've decided to break it up and share one list a day. Because they are already written out, I wasn't sure who to start with. They all equally mean the same to me, so I decided to go alphabetically by first name. Hehe, I know this is a little silly. Regardless without further ado I give you:

Amy Doll Marie Benkenstein

1. She praises and practices bike tricks with me.
2. She takes a mean photo. She is rather humble about them, but her photo skills are totes phenom.
3. She is a good “Idaho Falls Day” buddy. She let me do my thing and cheerily tagged along wherever I wanted to go.
4. She will listen to and sing country with Kari and me. This one is a biggie. All of the other girls would quite literally gag.
5. She’d always make little delicious biscuit pockets and share. Did I mention she always shares? Even if people don’t necessarily ask first.
6. She has lots and lots of craft supplies. And I thought I had a lot…
7. She is such an awesome example when it comes to studying her scriptures and the like.
8. She has fabulous (really it’s fantastic) taste in music, but is never one to flaunt it.
9. She understands the reasons why I prefer to have crushes on bros rather than hipsters.
10. She doesn’t jealocize. Especially over what other people are doing without her. I really respect her for this. Going along with this, she’s completely content doing her own thing which I think is really neat.

How superb is Amy Doll?


toridickson said...

you've really defined all the amazing qualities of amy to a tee. she is so great. i love her! and lucky me i sleep just feet above her head every night :)

cmonayyy said...

i love and miss both of you!
leah, you are really great.

Katie said...

awww I love her!

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I'm working on my alliteration:
Amy is: always amazingly awesome
Oh, and the verification word is ACTALOR, how perfect is that?

monica said...

ohh amy, you are superb!