Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am mortified.

The other day Harper was discussing with me the statistics of our little (and quite dormant) blog an arm & a leg. I didn’t think much of this. My sister Kerstin has a little map on her blog showing where her visitors are coming from. NBD. A lot of people have those.

Today my sister Kiana and I were discussing how some people have secret stat counters on their blogs and it finally dawned on me. There’s a good possibility many of my friends and non friends may have this sort of secret stat counter. Why didn’t I realize this sooner? I know not. I’m not really sure what those stat things entail, but what I do know is that if you have one you must all think I am some type of no life obsessive psycho for the number of times I may visit your blogs in a day.

Let me explain myself. Of course the blog feed may tell me when you post something new, but what it doesn’t show is when you get new comments on your posts. Half of the fun of reading your posts is reading what other people have to say about them. So yes, I might look at your blogs again and again and again even if you haven’t posted something new just to check if you have new comments. So maybe I don't have much of a life...but knowing that I am checking so often simply to watch for comments makes me seem a little less crazy, right?

Phew. It feels good to get that off my chest. I’ll try not to stalk you guys so much, but I can’t make any real promises. You are all basically celebrities in my book.


Vickie said...

you are silly

cmonayyy said...

you are, don't worry!

monica said...

first of all, i hope i am one of those you blog stalk.

second, im pretty sure anyone would feel flattered that you blog stalk them.

third, i think it would be odd to stalk those who are stalking you by seeing how much they come to you blog...soo maybe they should feel silly.

oh my code for leaving this comment is 'pasta' thats normal.

Myke said...

This post kinda makes me want one of those secret stat counters for my blog.

Leah said...

Vickie: You are right.

Christina: I wish you were wrong, but you are right.

Barcelona...I mean Monica:
You're the sweetest and yes, you are definitely included in my daily stalking.

Myke: I will stalk your blog extra extra in order to raise your soon to be stats and make you believe I am a super creep.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Man, if I wasn't way too lazy to check out the extra gizmos that make my blog cooler, I would definitely add one of those secret tracker things

Kerstin said...

you're hilarious! I never even look at our stats. I'm sure Matt does though being the numbers guy he is. I'll tell him you're not crazy. ;)