Thursday, August 20, 2009

Christina Matekel

1. I think she likes leaving secret notes almost as much as I do.
2. I completely admire her bravery in moving to a new school to live with four (she knew Harper) potentially mean/ nasty/ scary roommates.
3. The way she reassured me when I was sharing an embarrassing story and asked her to please not look at me poorly. She said “I can’t look down on anyone. I used to wear arm socks.”
4. She genuinely cares about other people’s feelings. Even if she is joking around she’ll triple check to make sure she didn’t hurt your feelings.
5. She’s best friends with P. Clark. Very few people can say this.
6. She is patient with me when I for a split second forget she’s vegan and say things like “oh Christina, do you want a bite of my grilled cheese sandwich?”
7. She has the sweetest smile.
8. Talk about best nail polish colors ever and is always willing to share. Even when every girl and their mom want to use her bright green.
9. She’s a master writer and poet. I can’t wait to read one of her works that gets legit published some day.
10. Her testimony of the Gospel. I love hearing her share it.

How marvelous is Christina?


Quinn the Eskimo said...

I've only briefly met Christina, but she looks like the kind of girl I could just sit around listening to Nickelback with all day long. Man I miss those days.

cmonayyy said...

you love nickelback, too?!?

monica said...

ohh sounds marvelous!
i have read her meat blog(that sounds funny) and she IS in fact a great writer.