Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winsome Wednesday VI

1. Sometimes I dream of hair like this and I long for my cotton candy, unicorn hair. Then I remind myself of how marvelous it will be to be natural again. My hair will love me, I won’t get chemical burns, and hopefully natural highlights will return. Tomorrow, Thursday July 30th, Salon Vaunt, 2:00pm I attempt to make it back as close as possible to my natural color. I am crossing my fingers that Jessica will use milkshake products in my hair. They smell delightful and make my hair very happy. Wish me luck.
The photo above is definitely not my photo, but I’m not quite sure how to attribute it. Okay so I know how, but it’s from someone I know but doesn’t know me aka embarrassing. If you really want the info for some reason let me know and I can give it to you.

2. I found these onesies on etsy about a year ago and immediately fell in love. It was a given that I must attempt making similar ones. I’ve been putting it off, partially because I was a little nervous about whether or not my skills were up to par. Tori began making some for her soon to be niece the other day, so I decided it’s about time I try my hand at them. I’d already amassed a pretty large collection of lace and thanks to a few D.I. trips. Yesterday I purchased some plain onesies and dye in pumpkin, violet, green, and pink. I’ll let you know how they turn out…if they turn out!

Sorry, this photo was simply begging to be poladroided.

3. I get to sleep with this little fellow next to my bed. He’s a Grundig shortwave radio made in Germany most likely in the 40s or 50s (I couldn't quite figure our exactly when). My parents found him when they were stationed in Germany in the early 70s. NBD or anything, but when we lived in Maryland we used to pick up radio stations from across the pond. All of the dials, etcetera (including all the possible cities you could pick up signals from: Paris, Budapest, Luxembourg and Prague to name a few) are written in German. Nadia, would you mind translating?

Neenie and Papa
4. When my Papa (grandfather) calls me baby or girl (not to be confused with babygurl). It’s interesting how hearing those same words from someone else could make me feel kind of silly or uncomfortable, but when coming from the right person it means something totally different. He stopped by to see ChanNa and me today. When he said he couldn’t understand why we didn’t have boyfriends we of course said something to the effect of it being our choice not to have them. Then he said well of course. You shouldn’t have one, but four or five. That way they can pay for everything. He also said to make sure our “hubbies (his term not mine)” are rich so we can live in a nice place like the part of California he visited this past weekend. He said if they have a good job and a testimony of the gospel that’s all that matters. Oh grandfathers. I love my Papa.

5. “Yummies.” I just discovered this ridiculous, yet supreme term from an online article in a SLC mag. “Young Urban Mormons.” I am translating this to mean LDS hipsters. Y’all know I love a good acronym. This one is perfect, no?


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nadia said...

well since i am mulit-lingual i can help a sista out anytime. also i really like reading your blog leah and i miss you gurl

Amy Doll said...

My mom sent me that Yummies article.
I think she thinks I am one.
I mean I am.