Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winsome Wednesday V

1. (2 and 3) Pick me ups. Magazines, treating myself to dinner and the all encompassing chocolate chip cookie. Finals = stressful. Monday, to go along with my cleaning supplies, I bought a copy of this month’s Teen Vogue (I previously decided I am too old for this, but have since realized it’s more applicable to my life than most other fashion mags.) with Emma Watson on the cover. I learned Emma’s dating a financier (financier? How old is this gentleman?) and why “smart girls are drawn to nothing but trouble” (when it comes to boys of course). I may blog about that later…Thank you T. Vogue for all the nonsense and teen angst. It was a nice short little escape from my French finals and endless sewing projects.

Monday Kari and I also went to Thai for dinner. It’s only the second time I’ve been this whole semester, plus I had to go one last time just in case they go out of business while I’m gone. I’m really good at finding excuses aren’t I? Also, Thai for dinner means Thai for lunch. Aces. Have I told you how much I love Thai?

Yesterday it’s quite possible that I switched off between raw Pillsbury cookie dough and fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies á la Harper Anne. Eeek. The fact that it got my mind off how much I dislike my barely completed quilt (I stayed up until 4:30am finishing it. Amy can witness to you how out of it I was. When I am tired, I sing.) for even a few moments, made the calories and disgusted/ “I am embarrassed for you” looks I received totally worth it. Plus I had a nice little HP chat with Laurel Hulme (she enters the MTC a few weeks before me and is going to POLAND. So neat.), Tori, and pro Facebook album commentator Zachary Stout in the kitchen. Speaking about Harry Potter makes it feel like the magic will never end. Thank goodness.

4. Scandinavian songstresses. Scandinavians? How ground breaking of you Leah! I know this isn’t news to you but regardless, these girls are pretty ideal.

Lykke Li [leaky lee]. She’s really old if we’re talking indie/ hipster time, but I don’t mind. I still haven’t tired of her. The first time I heard her was from somebody posting this video. This one is also of her singing "I’m Good, I’m Gone" but in the back of a taxi cab rather than a bathroom. It’s really wonderful.

Frida Hyvönen. Watch.
With her Aggie D. style hair, she makes me miss my blonde locks.

Anna Ternheim. Gander.
Her english accent sounds a little Irish to me. Lovely.

Amanda Jenssen. Listen.
Her voice is like Ingrid Michaelson's mixed with the Joe Bros. No joke.

Ane Brun. Look.
Folk. Didn't pick up a guitar for the first time until she was 21.

5. “I love a good intrigue!” I believe I’ve used this line once in real conversation. Lately I’ve had a hankering for using it. Please come up to me and say something to the effect of “Leah, I have a secret to tell you and you cannot tell anyone. It’s super cool and super secret.” I will then say my part. You can’t possibly fathom how much this will mean to me.


cmonayyy said...

title of blog? Reasons why Christina loves Leah.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

wait, you're going on a mission? huh?

Leah said...

Quinn: Yes.

Also, thanks goes to Laurel and Tori for allowing me the opportunity to use "I love a good intrigue." Y'all are the best.