Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Winsome Wednesday IV

1. Catchphrases. Kari and I, have managed to amass a good number of catchphrases throughout the length of our friendship. They are used exorbitantly and include, but are not limited to:

“Hotlarious”- when something is hot and funny. Just funny, just hot, or neither.

“Who are we making jealous?”- A quote from Drive Me Crazy. Works in any type of situation.

“Whatev, I’m over it.”- our mantra for the first half of the semester. Luckily, one of our first weeks at church we picked up this gem. A girl spoke about how saying this to herself has helped her get through many a trial. We of course say in the most obnoxious voices as possible.

Our newest phrase “Stay HOT.” Heard this used in all seriousness after church last Sunday. Use in parting.
Person 1: Bye!
Person 2: Stay hot.

2. Ronald Weasley. Red hair and British? Puhlease.

3. Maddy’s BFA senior show. See it in person if you can. Outdoors, indoors. So SO entrancing. Maybe, I just so happened to be lucky enough to be in one of the photos.

We're so excited. Monica's from Kari, Amy's from
Harper, mine from Amy and Kari's from me.
I promise we didn't cheat!

From Amy Doll to yours truly. Ain't I lucky?
(Don't worry. That word has never really been spoken by these lips. I just felt it fit.)

I am lusting after Amy's penmanship skillz.

4. Mixtapes (CDs). My sister would come home at the end of every semester with 5+ mixtapes from 5+ boys. I reaped the rewards in the end as she would graciously hand many of the CDs off to me. I thought this was what college would be like. Boys falling in love with me and giving me mixtapes to express said love. Never happened. I subsequently started a mixtape club (CDC if you will) with one boy and one girl from high school. It continued for a little while but quickly fizzled out.
Yesterday for Tuesday Fest (the celebration of Tuesdays) we held a secret swap (you couldn’t tell who you had and therefore didn’t know who had you) with 15 of our friends. It turned out splendidly. I was lucky enough to be drawn by the one and only Amy Doll. Really one of my favorite Tuesday Fest activities EVER.

Squished scanner hands, but you get the idea.

5. White nail polish. This happened last summer. I all but begged Amy to adorn it (not that she wasn't more than willing) before heading to SLC last Thursday. Cute little “why can’t I be more like her” Jenny Lewis sported it as well. She and Amy were fingernail twins. I started craving white nail polish after a few too many viewings of Lynn (played by Helen Hunt) wearing it in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I was blessed enough to have a sister who bought some OPI polish in “Alpine Snow” in order to do French manicures but decided she didn’t like it. The nail polish then came into (and onto) my hands. Don’t you love it when people buy something you love and they find out they hate so they pawn it off on you? To go along with this heat I am really feeling the need for some “Alpine Snow” in my life. Amy, hopefully you don’t mind being triplets.

P.S. Jenny Lewis was in Troop Beverly Hills? It’s an all time family fave. Also Monica got some pretty deec footage of Bon Iver (as I begin watching I am thinking to myself, ugh I wish everyone would have quit talking so much and then there I am chatting away…eek.) as well as a little video of the after party (Denny’s) including our very own Andrew Mayfield saying and I quote “How is things” in a very rugged voice (can voices be rugged?). HERE. Scroll down a ways. You might as well read the entire post while you’re at it. She’s groovy.


Amy Doll said...

Totally love all of these.
Especially mix tapes and white nail polish.

Laura said...

I love Troop Beverly Hills! It inspired me to buy my first CD Beach Boys Still cruzin because the song from the movie Make it Big was on there.