Friday, July 31, 2009

I am a walking, talking, breathing literary device.

How to take and post a photo of myself without looking a. vain or b. myspacey. It’s c. impossible. I apologize in advance.
Natural color, I know you are in there somewhere.

1. To show you my deserty backyard. I am standing next to a 17 ft tall saguaro cactus. There are also orange and grapefruit trees behind me.

2. To show you how annoyed/ embarrassed I was to be taking these of myself but I did want to make sure to show you what the color would actually look like if you saw me today (tomorrow it would probably be lighter. Fadage is totally the best). It’s actually darker than this, but I couldn’t figure out how to get better lighting without a flash, so this is the most accurate photo I was able to get of the color.

3. To show you there is still some red in there especially visible when I am in the sun. Red = hardest color to keep and hardest color to completely rid yourself of.

For now the color is a little darker and little redder than my natural. By a year and a half I should have happy, healthy, natural, long locks. Perfect.

And because it's lovely, "The Last One" from Au Revoir Simone's album Still Night, Still Light that came out just before my birthday in May. I think I may start posting a song or two with my posts occasionally (or all the time). Not because I know anything, but simply because it is fun. Don't get annoyed, okay?

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jasmine said...

these photos are darling! and way to go on working towards healthier hair! i know how frustrating it can be to let color grow out, and red sticks around FOREVER on me. so annoying. my boyfriend is a hairstylist, and it tooks us about 3 tries to get all the red out of mine last winter. ugh.