Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Autumn Triss Rigby

Remember this hair color Autumn?
I was always jealous of your hair color bravery.
I took the leap eventually.
Somewhere I swear it must be written "while living in Heritage you must
make at least one trip to Walmart past 3am while donning bright colors
and even brighter makeup. Also, you must document it."
Seriously. I think it's a rule.
She was my first and last roommate at BYU. In actuality, we were paired with different girls, but realized our personalities and sleep schedules were more akin and asked to switch to room together. When I was embarrassed by our terrible appearances while checking out (and checking out the cashier– he was a cute boy in our ward) at the Creamery on 9th I said something like “Uh, I promise we don’t normally look like this.” And she wittingly added “yes, we actually spent time getting ready today. Normally we look much worse.” She let me have Prince Harry over William. She went to the Middle East way before all the other kids started going. But really I swear a bunch of people I know are going this year…she went like five years (maybe I’m exaggerating) ago to Jordan. She lets me share her crushes and would give me a full report on the potentially cute “I went to England on my mission and came back very stylish” boys in her ward before I would ever come to visit. Even if we haven’t spoken for months (dare I say a year sometimes?) with her it’s as if no time has passed by. One time I came for a visit and we spent the entire day walking around Park City in the pouring rain and saw three rainbows on the way home. She hates Mr. Rochester like no other girl I know. Honestly I can’t say I know any girls who don’t like him. For half of a season, she had me addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. Her sarcasm and witty repertoire always keeps me laughing. This girl is capital.

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