Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winsome Wednesdays

There are a lot of things I love. One of those things being Wednesdays (it’s still early enough in the week for me to get the things I have been putting off done, but late enough in the week that I can almost taste the weekend). Every Wednesday from this day forward (Okay, until I get bored of doing it or chance to forget to post) I will post things I find to be particularly winsome or delightful.

1. Fake glasses. Even though I blogged previously about my vision getting worse, it's still pretty great. Those of you who wear glasses for bona fide reasons please understand. Really I am just jealous.

2. TLC Kashi granola bars (and basically anything else Kashi). They have sucked me in. Yes they are hip, yes they are expensive, but they taste so good! Plus I feel like I am actually eating something of substance when I am running late (which you know is just about every day) and therefore don’t have time to eat a real breakfast.

3. Notes. I love writing them and leaving them in unexpected places for unexpected people. Kari "re-found" this in her backpack today. I guess I left it in her room one night in the fall when she was off at the library. Be warned I have a tendency to sound a little odd (e.g. creepy but I am trying to limit my use of this word) in my notes but I promise I’m a normal person.

4. Black licorice. This has always been a road trip staple in my family. Half the excitement of the trip was the treats.

5. Cereal topped with fresh strawberries and bananas. This is one of my all time faves. I don’t feel there is anything else I need to say on this subject.

P.S. I have also decided to feature one of my favorite people every Wednesday as well (see below). You may or may not know them, but either way just know they are probably pretty remarkable. I feel extremely lucky to have these people in my life. Also, next time I will try not have so many of my favorite things be food related...


toridickson said...

i wish i could actually pull off fake glasses. until then, i'll just stick with sun glasses. they make me look cool right? ;)

Amy Doll said...

I like Winsome Wednesdays.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

1- It's funny because I was pretty excited to get my real glasses (even though it meant that my previous 20/20 vision had deteriorated) but the downside is that you can't switch styles as often because they're more expensive.
2- I like reading about food and I really like topping my cereal with fresh fruit. I usually buy a different one each week (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) but I don't usually combine two in one bowl. I will now, your picture sold me.

monica said...

i used to wear fake glasses cuz i too was envious of glasses wearers. and then i started getting headaches and my eye doctor said i needed reading glasses. it was a marvelous day.