Saturday, June 13, 2009

How you get so fly?

Today I woke up with “suga suga how you get so fly” in my head (I know…but thanks to good old Rexburg I heard it on the radio yesterday), had a therapy session with a clown (what I needed to hear, but not what I wanted to hear), ate cupcakes with rainbow chip icing, and watched Kit Kittredge (see Kari’s post). In other words, today was a pretty typical Saturday.

This has been the summer of singing for Kari and me. Yesterday we went on a lengthy bike ride with Boston and Katherine and sang many great hits including “Lucky” by B. Spears, “C’est la Vie” by B*Witched, “Honey Honey” by ABBA and “Head Over Feet” by Alanis Morissette. We spend a lot of time in our room with Kari strumming tunes on her guitar as she and I both sing along. We just finished singing Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me” and like singing a Cranberries song or two now and again. We enjoy singing Dixie Chicks a little too much (Please forgive us! What can I say? We both got introduced to their catchy lyrics around the 4th grade – I lived in Texas and she had a best friend from Oklahoma – these types of songs never leave you). Our favorites to sing however are probably Eisley (or songs from Josie and the Pussycats...I mean what?). Now you know what we do when we sneak off to our room when you are all sitting in our living room. We just love to sing!

Not any time soon, but some day I WILL have my hair cut like Sherri's in this video.

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toridickson said...

our house just won't be as musical next semester. i love you girls and i will miss you.