Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Because Zach and Tom said so

At DQ tonight after having a discussion about truffles (no there were not mushrooms in your blizzard Zach) Tom and Zach informed me that today is blogging day and I must blog. I am keeping this short for Tom's sake. Hopefully it won't take more than a day for you to read this. Recent discoveries:
1. Ford and Myke have almost the same exact food preferences.
2. Besides Zach not liking peanut butter cookies (I know?!) we have almost the same exact food preferences.
3. I have a lot of dreams with celebrities in them (last night it was Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway).
4. I love sugar (ok this is not anywhere near a new discovery).
5. Next semester I am going to miss Darcie's ghetto fabulousness, listening to guilty pleasure music artists with Nadia, speaking with Erin in a British accent (Really, it's to the point that it is automatic. Whenever I speak to her it is always as if we are transported into a Jane Austen novel.), and Erica having no shame in discussing things that she probably should have shame in discussing.
6. This is getting too long for Tom. Go ahead and take a little breather.
7. I am so very excited for this summer and decorating my new room in my new house with the one and only Kari Nicole.
8. I am glad my parents retired in Arizona (This one has been a long time coming. I am learning to love it if only because I am really over the weather we have been having in Rexburg).
9. My life is pretty sound right now. Although I do at times, I really have no reason to complain.
10. Tom, if you made it through this whole list in one sitting give yourself a pat on the back.


Taffrine! said...

i LOVE your blog so much. it is so inspiring and beautiful.

Thome said...

I made it through, and I had just read Amy's blog right before this, luckily it had pictures. I am going to go lie down now.

nadia said...

guilty pleasure music? i have no idea what you are talking about. crush by david archuletta? never heard of it. taylor swift? jonas brothers? you need to stop imagining things. you will take this to the grave.

Myke said...
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Myke said...

What if Zach and Tom told you to jump off a cliff?

Harpski said...

Zach doesn't like peanut butter cookies?!?! WHO IS THIS PERSON!?

I love this blog. way to go.