Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This time last year

During winter semester last year I nannied for my sister's three kids (2 boys(M was 6 and N was 2 years old) and 1 girl (K was 4)). It was a pretty crazy experience and made me glad I still have a few years until I'll be a mom, but I miss the kids so much sometimes! They live in San Antonio, so I don't get to see them very often. I found some old notes I wrote to myself about silly things they would say and some of my favorite moments (I'm not putting full names because my sister is kind of anti having information about her kids on the internet):

M wanting some of my gum but feeling he needed to give me an excuse “My breath was kickin’ at school today. Can I have some gum?”

The babies actually getting upset when I suggested we turn off "The Breakfast Club" and go jump on the trampoline (don’t worry I convinced them we should go play outside instead and it was on TBS).

“Wow, you’re REALLY good!” after I made M a paper airplane. He had already made me 2 that he had written secret notes to me in, so I made he and K one with a poem in it about us going to the zoo.

"Leah you're magic." – K after I wound the hanging end of the blinds up out of reach so N would stop pulling on it. Kids seriously give the best compliments.

M skating with his new skates and me trying to follow close behind in case he fell "You can go. I got this."

A few minutes later..."Life is just too hard!" when he couldn't get a rock out of his skate.

K: "Black is the best color! It's CRAZY."

K again: "You are a girl because you like pink."

Whenever Kylie would cry even if she was being a brat or was crying because she was in trouble, N would give her a hug.

K: "God knows everything, so does Jesus...but not baby, the big one."

Let me also add that these are probably some of the hippest kids you'll never meet. Whenever I would bring them over to their dad's office (he owns his own graphic/ web design company) I would eat fudgsicles while they would take turn riding a longboard in the parking lot (yes, even the 2 year-old although he would go on his knees). M's favorite band is Modest Mouse and his favorite food is sushi with squid.


toridickson said...

i want kids like that when i grow up.

Myke said...

I really liked the quote about Jesus.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

um, you slipped up with the no name policy on about the 3rd paragraph from the bottom. i don't mean to point your error out to everybody, i'm just hoping you see this comment before any little kid loving internet creepers (like thome or sac)

Jenna Lee said...

haha how cute!!!!! the quotes made me laugh!! They longboard! So do my bros and sis...even the 4 year old...got to love hip chillens!!