Saturday, January 24, 2009

"The pink sheep of the family"

Sorry, I'm trying not to post about things like this because I know it's not as interesting to everyone else as it is to me, but in this case I cannot seem to help myself. How have I not heard about this?! Alexander McQueen for Target (well actually McQ Alexander McQueen to be exact, but still either way it's him right?). As a designer, his clothes are as dreamy as it gets. His use of lace confounds me (in a good way). Things are going to be a little different for this special collection for Target as he's stated Leila Moss of the band the Duke Spirit to be his muse (aka a little less satin and frills and a little more rock n' roll). Although I'm not too familar with her or the band, the idea of this excites me even more. I won't bore you with any more photos (the ones above are all from various collections from the past couple of years). However, if you are interested, some photos of the collection set to be in stores March 1st can be found here.


Amy Doll said...

Sooo beautiful.
That is really exciting!

I like your fashion bloggins.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I liked looking at those pictures, but probably not for the same reason as most. I just laughed at the things some of those models had on their heads.
Is there anyplace in the world where anyone would wear something like that to any type of event? Or is it just showing off the creativity of the designer?
I'm not criticizing your post, just curious. I like having friends that know about things that I don't understand.

Leah said...

Quinn, yes, the pieces that are more extravagant are from a "haute couture" collection of his. These types of designs are more for artistic purposes or for "just showing off the creativity of the designer" as you said. Haute couture is pretty intense. There are even specific rules and laws about who can consider themselves a couture house or not.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

sorry, i shouldn't have said "JUST showing off" it's actually really impressive. like i said, i don't understand a lot of it, but it's cool, in a different way.

Harpski said...



the end.

I always have and always will!

my heart stopped when I looked at these pictures. ouch ouch, beauty! Lets go shopping!