Sunday, January 18, 2009

I can hear the bells

    Although this may be as long, I can't say it is as profound as Myke's last post. However, I just couldn't bring myself to leave out any details. And yes, I know this picture of Zac is ridiculous.
    It all started when we were leaving church today. One of the girls mentioned how they’ve never had home teachers that actually come every month. I told them how when David Archuleta was my home teacher he always came. Last semester I had a home teacher that looked exactly like him, to the point that I convinced my roommates they were cousins. Of course I was joking, but they believed me anyway. So at mention of his name, Erica and Nadia shared the secret that they both had actually both really wanted to listen to “Crush” by him. We listened to the song at least 4 times in a row when we got home.
    Another important fact to note is that I stayed up until 6:20am last night…Over the past few days I have managed to get on a pretty awful sleep schedule. Luckily our church didn’t meet until 12pm, so it wasn’t too bad getting up this morning. I still how ever had an inadequate amount of REM sleep, so try as I might to not take a nap today in hopes to cure myself of this horrible schedule, around 5:15pm I fell asleep. “{}” means comments Erica, Nadia, and I make as I am recounting my dream to them.
    This is when it happened. Nadia’s real life dream became a reality in my dream land. Let me remind you that, my brain was already pretty screwy from pre-teen boy pop overload (D.A.) and lack of sleep. Besides the fact that my parents decided to have another baby (I’m 20 and the youngest of seven…so yes it would be very weird), my dream got even crazier. Nadia and I went to a Zac Efron concert together {Erica: Does he have an album? Nadia: No, he says he’s just going to focus on his acting career} and we end up somehow getting in a fight. At the end of the concert, everyone is asked to go out a certain door where Zac will soon be leaving out of. I, along with a few other people follow Zac secretly into this backstage area. After a few people talk to him and are totally lame and star struck I go up to him and give him a hug. It was a really awkward one where my one of my arms ended up feeling kind of jammed. {Me: Yeah he was a little sweaty. Nadia: *Weird sound she makes* Sweaty??!} Anyway I say “well, I have to be honest and tell you I only listened to your music for the first time last night. My friend Nadia converted me and so we decided to come to your show.” I keep talking to him for 15 minutes or so and tell him how we’re kind of embarrassed to be there in the first place because we’re both 20 years old {Nadia: OMG well he’s like 21 so it’s no big deal. Me: I know it could totally be legit (I’m getting really excited by this point especially because Nadia is practically jumping out of her bed as I am telling her)}. So, at the end of it, he takes out this Sharpie (celeb’s always have a sharpie handy for signing things if you didn’t know) and writes something to the effect of “please be there when I play with Transatlantisicm tonight” with me understanding that he means Death Cab for Cutie and offhand mentioning to him how odd it is that Ben G. and Zooey D. are engaged. I also remember him misspelling some words on the bag (it was one of those stretchy cooler bags and had lots of merchandise in it) and being kind of turned off by this. He hands me the bag and I head for the door.
    There are now a couple hundred people that have squeezed their way into the room including random people from high school all witnessing Zac and my conversation. I forgot to mention that as I left I gave him another hug, which was much better than the first. I push my way out and find Nadia standing near Lynzie Glaus (Yeah, I know. This dream is really weird.) who is crying? Like crying because you’re so in love with a teen sensation type of crying. Nadia tells me how I just missed him walk out and then I’m all “NBD, but I just talked with him for like 15 minutes face to face!” I remember in my dream wondering the whole time where Vanessa H. was. “Have they broken up?” was the thought that kept crossing my mind. So we get in the car and I’m so excited to wake up and tell Nadia in real life that I forget to look what’s in the bag he gave us. Huge bummer because I bet there was some cool stuff in there. By now it’s now around 8:00pm. I jump out of bed and run tell Nadia and Erica the whole story. Although it’s embarrassing to say this, I’m pretty sure this is one of the best dreams I’ve had to date.


Myke said...

That comment I just made made no sense at all so I deleted it. I don't think I've ever dreamt that in depth before. Except for that dream where Carl Winslow tried to eat me....

Amy Doll said...

Hahaha. Oh my goodness, I miss you. You are so luck to have had a dream like that!

I had a dream earlier this week that I met THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!
Best dream EVER.

Harpski said...

bwah ah ah aha ha ha ha hha . holy cow!



nadia said...

hey look at me.. i'm in the blogging world. oh yeah i'm so cool uhh yeah. (just imagine me saying that in a gross/creeper voice) ok well remember thumbs up boy erica told you about. yes he is sitting across from me in the library. i am writing this massive comment because as you may have heard (probably not) i am phoneless. it has striped me of all self worth and identity. woe is me. i like your new picture and ze 4 lyfe

Noemi said...

creepy i'm reading peoples blog i'm sorry.
I know its just embarrassing but I think Zach Efron is a waaayyyy hott!
I hate the word hott but there really is no other way to say describe him. pure lust. haha cool dream haha

Harpski said...

I am not reading this.

Well that is what I was going to say until I saw that I already commented on it and apparent LOVED it, so I guess I did read it.