Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You are not dreaming. This is real life.

"No big deal or anything but Babydisco is the new hip club in Paris.... for children, specifically those aged 3-7. With regular Colette dance classes as well as their own DJ, the club’s hour long sessions are spent parent free and spent dancing their heads off."
Thank you UO blog.


Harpski said...

You're right. NBD. Lollipops that look like cigarettes, spinning tables, and giant pandas; what is not to love?!
Also did you see that kid with the bandanna? I did. HAWT. Also his near cart wheels were the early signs of greatness.

benkeamy said...

I'm so glad everyone like it!
It is is amazing.
Let's rent out the top of Hogi Yogi and watch it on a big screen.

I think our Art History test is on Thursday.