Wednesday, November 12, 2008

worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum

I know this is a little morbid, but this thought has often crossed my mind while driving especially by myself. I think, "if I were to die right now, what would people think about the music I am listening to?" Of course when I imagine this everything is in slow motion and my music just happens to be blasting very loud for all to hear, or my iPod magically stops when I die and is found and analyzed later. I don't mean will they think my music is "cool" or "hip", but I like think those that know me best would be able to decipher how I was feeling in that moment based on what had been playing in my moment of death – people that know what my happy and sad music is.
Also, I read an article today that has convinced me I am an "optimistic fatalist." This essentially means I assume bad things will happen, but I'm hopeful that they will not.
P.S. Wouldn't it be fun to run a pirate radio station? This article teaches you how using an iTrip and your iPod. Watch out Radio Free Roscoe.


Myke said...

I always think about that. The music-dying thing, that is. Like if I were to be hit by a car while I'm running with my iPod going. You're not the only one who is morbid.

Alex And Lindsi said...

ever since we talked about it that one day, i no longer listen to miley cyrus