Tuesday, October 21, 2008

list to the love of these

Harper dear and I had a discussion today about lists (her post about resolutions inspired me to create this post as well). I love making them. They make me feel more organized even when I am not. They make me feel more in control when in reality I have a very small amount of control over what happens in my life. I have a folder under "my documents" containing such lists as: names I like, movies to see, books I would like to read, artists to consider and recipes to try out. A few weeks ago I began creating some new lists in a notebook of mine. I made quite a few lists, all of which are rather long, but am going to share two of the shorter and probably less embarrassing ones:

I want to learn how to:
-be a better friend
-make goals and accomplish them
-help others feel love
-be selfless
-be more grateful
-sew without patterns
-crochet wearable items
-read faster
-snowboard decently
-write in calligraphy
-fluently speak French and 2 other languages
-use my old cameras
-accept things how they are
-NOT accept things how they are

This one is a little silly and may be weird to some, but I like it.
Things my dad does I want him to do:
-always have chapstick
-always have a handkerchief (or something for me to blow my nose in)
-always carry cough drops in his suit pocket
-always be singing/ making up silly songs even when I'm in a bad mood
-always be willing to hold my stuff in his pockets
-always be willing to help his kids with homework no matter how busy he is
-always tell jokes but in the form of serious stories
-always take the time to read to his kids in bed

P.S. I recently read some poetry, journal entries, etc I wrote around this time last year and the year prior. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone - those who were with me then and those that surround me now. And despite what my dreams may tell you, I am doing so very well these days and it is all thanks to you, yes you (to quote G.B., so glad you were all born).

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