Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I cannot count the number of dandelions I have wished on this semester. Out of habit whenever I see one I promptly pick it, make a wish, and toss the stem aside; often not blowing all the seeds off in one try. I've tried to tell myself it doesn't matter if it takes more than one try to blow them all away, but everyone knows this isn't true. There are set rules for dandelion wish making. Today was different. I was in a thoughtful mood. I took the time to formulate the wish poetically in my mind, took in as big a breath as I could muster and then blew out. All the seeds danced off into the wind. Maybe now my wish will really come true.

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Myke said...

So I'm pretty sure we were just blogging at the same time. Right after I posted I went back to the dashboard page and noticed you had just posted too.

Good luck with your dandelion wishes.