Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You probably thought I had more upstairs

Things I am slightly embarrassed about:
1. Yesterday while my mom was checking out at the grocery store I picked up Teen Vogue to quickly skim through. (I often like Teen Vogue more than Vogue a. because it comes in an adorable miniature size, b. they sometimes have fun people on the cover like Ron, Harry, and Hermione, and c. they always have dyi articles.) So while scanning I decided to read my horoscope. All of the sudden I really want to believe in them...mine is so good this month. This feeling has never come over me before. So if you happen to be in line at Basha's/Alby's/Macey's/Smith's/Sprout's/Long's, pick up Teen Vogue (it has V. H. on the cover. Ew. Seriously what does Z see in her?) and thumb over to the horoscopes. I'm a Gemini. You might want to check out your horoscope too because I think they really know what they're talking about this month...at least I'm crossing my fingers they do. Lol.
2. You would think I'd be over model shows by now, but somehow I'm not. I am over Tyra however so although I no longer watch ANTM, I have been watching Germany's Next Top Model...I know. But Heidi is adorable and the girls are so much more gracious. Plus much less drama about growing up in the ghetto and being left by baby daddies. Now if I could only get someone to translate China's Next Top Model for me. Does anyone speak Mandarin? Also, I'm kind of excited about this show http://www.vogue.tv/#Watch/Channel_Guide/8.
3. Besides Sunday for church I can't remember the last time I put on a stitch of makeup. You may be thinking "oh this is ok because you've probably been staying inside a lot. It's hot in AZ." No. I have been going to many many public places dressed like so. I've worn my Eisley shirt 3 out of the last 5 days. Anyone could tell you, I LOVE dressing up but these last few days of nonchalance have been so marvelous.
P.S. If you really wondered, I am not and never have been embarrassed about any of these things. In facts this list should instead be called "reasons why I love being a girl."

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