Wednesday, August 6, 2008

things aren't how i left them

Warning: This post includes whining.
Today began at 8:19am when I woke up before my alarm went off in P and C's lovely home in Sandy, Utah. I watched my adorable nephew from about 10am to 5:30pm with C coming home during lunch. This part was all fun and games except for the poor little guy wasn't feeling so well and was a little fussy. My flight home this evening was grand. I got a window seat and entire row to myself seeing as there weren't too many people traveling from Salt Lake to Phoenix around 8pm this evening. Before getting on the flight an old man (in his 70s or so who was there with his cute little wife) bought me and another girl each a bottle of water when he found out our flight was going to be slightly delayed. He even tried to help cheer up a little baby that was crying. It was cute really. It reminded me of that story about President Kimball...anyway on to me complaining.
After being picked up by my brother, etc (I say etc because that's a story in and of itself) we eventually arrived home around 11:30 or so. My parents were still up so they said quick hellos, we said a family prayer and then it was bonne nuit. What happened to staying up and hearing of the thrilling travel adventures and tales of crazy cousins and sordid scandals (ok so really it’s basically did you hear so and so is getting married and so and so is having a baby?)? Since everyone headed off to bed and I hadn't eaten since lunch I was so excited to eat something "mom-made" and catch up on project runway. I decided to go for the never failing “Jared style” nachos and mom-made salsa. This is where everything went truly wrong. #1. chips were stale. #2. salsa was not the original salsa I’ve been eating since I was 8 years old. I think it even included *gasp* cilantro! #3. Come to find out my parents have cancelled cable. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for reading over watching and think most of T.V. is mindless but there is one show I cannot give up. Like I said I'd been waiting for this moment to reunite with Timothy Gunn and before I knew it our chance at true love was shattered. Anyway, looking back my day wasn't so bad after all. I'll get over it, but you know that feeling when you are really looking forward to something? You think everything is going to be just how you imagined it and how it always has been and then one day you wake up and everything has changed! Oh well, the day at least ended on a good note - I found push-ups in the freezer (you know those ones that used to have Flintstones characters on the outside)! This is all thanks to that fact that we have tons of little cousins that come over and now that my mom's become a grandmother (we call her Nani (nawnee). it means beautiful in Hawaiian) she has to keep treats around for them and therefore me! If you haven't eaten a push-up in a while, I highly recommend it.

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