Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have found it and their names are Geoffrey Manthorn and Ben Turner. These boys are the definition of beauty. How could I not be in love with them? Geof's favorite hobbies: music/song writing. Please stop. He bakes poetic masterpieces in the form of sugary sweetness AND writes music on the side? And then there's Ben. You have to watch closely to catch him (L you know why I would be good at this...hah). I don't believe he's on the show anymore, but I enjoyed those brief Friday night rendezvous we had while it lasted - besides unlike Geoff who I could easily fit in my pocket, Ben would be taller than me so it could actually work. Haha. Anyway I quite enjoy Maryland. I was born there you know. We moved 3 months later to Sagamihara, but I still like to consider myself an east coast girl none the less.

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