Friday, May 30, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

First Nick and Jessica, then Brad and Jen, now designer collaboration Mooka Kinney? These girls were living my dream! They met when Alison rented a room in Rachel’s West village apartment. Rachel, in an interview with Abby of G.G.S., says that upon first meeting Alison and discovering their shared love of vintage dresses and Joanna Newsom, she “just knew that [they] were kindred spirits!”
In their "about me" on their website, they say “inspired by winged ponies, Peter Pan and other such fantastical things, [they] set to work on their debut collection of dresses, all of which would be fit for a party in a tree-house.” Their collections are simply delightful. Although I could probably find similar pieces at D.I. and couldn’t afford their dresses anyway, I’m sad to see the end of Mooka Kinney. If you want to know more about the designer split or about the girls in general read the article on fashionista or watch this episode of girls gone styled (some parts are pretty boring plus Abby is a little obnoxious but 1:08 is when they talk about how they met and 3:45 is the start of their runway show which blasts "my boyfriend's back" as the models glide down the runway).

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Lindsi said...

now we can be the new mooka kinney