Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This was quite a while ago, but seeing as I didn't have a blog previously I am going to share this story now.
L and I went to one day of sxsw and attended all the free stuff we could. We stood in line to get free shirts while simultaneously watching She and Him. We could get anything written on the front (heat press letters) so we decided to get "it's scientific!"
Highlights from our conversation with a guy and girl in front of us:
girl: everyone has ray bans on's so laammme (or something to that effect)
boy: speaking of sunglasses do you know where I can get any cool cheap ones?
girl: you could check the gas station down the road. or I would normally never step foot in there, but hot topic is around the corner...
he looks to me - ummm...I got mine at last chance nordstrom’s for $3
They ask us what we're getting on our shirts, we tell them and they ask what it's from. We explain- well the other day we were in anthropologie and I was saying something and L said "it's scientific" - she was trying to say scientific fact or something.
girl: I hate my anthropology professor blah blah blah (there is no mistake in spelling "ie" (store) vs "y" (class)). We didn't correct her mistake...also the boy was from NY and he let me and just about everyone around him use his sunscreen. He was really nice and the girl was wearing a vest she said her mom wore when she was little in Venezuela blah blah blah.
Even though we were exhausted and got into barely any shows (they actually had a ton of free ones pre 6pm but most were for 21+), it was still super fun.
P.S. Does anyone want to be pen pals?

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